Spargle specials

We regularly organize events in the Netherlands and abroad. Each event is special and has a unique theme from our field. We discuss current questions and invite speakers to share their knowledge and experiences with our network.


Service Design Days

10 – 13 September 2020 online!


The Change is you – Rachelle van der Linden

March 5th 2020

We talk with Rachelle van der Linden about the importance of reinvention and innovation from the core. You can find out more and register right here!

Digitization in healthcare

May 14th 2020
– on invite only

Within a small, relaxed and intimate setting, you can exchange ideas about a specific topic within our field. This time around the theme of health care.

Future OF leadership

June 4th 2020
– on invite only

What will the leadership of the future look like and how do you create movement at the speed of today.


Spargle Christmas party

Why do our digital professionals enjoy coming to our Christmas drinks in our beautiful Spargle church? Because they have personal contact with colleagues, can exchange experiences and always inspire each other. Together they form the unique Spargle network.

2019 was a successful year for Spargle. We stand for being personal and relevant. May we also make beautiful connections for you in 2020?

The summer table – All about working Agile

Exchange experiences, learn and inspire each other: that is the approach of the Spargle summer table. Every quarter we organize a small-scale, intimate dinner at Spargle for a select club of Spargelists. We not only enjoy delicious dishes and fine wine but also discuss a theme that unites us. In September this was: the agile way of working.

Workshop Visual Communication

In a small setting, a number of Spargelists have improved their drawing skills. Based on the theory ‘Visual Communication’, the participants set to work with pen and paper. With the knowledge acquired, the participants can also contribute to the workplace with a clear discussion board.

Schiphol wins the Computable Award!

Schiphol’s digital transformation program wins a Computable Award! Very proud of the people from Spargle who are part of, or have played a role in this. We spoke to a number of our Spargelists about their trajectory with the Schiphol Digital Airport Program.

Spargle summer party

The annual Spargle summer party for our freelance network took place on Thursday evening 14 June. Connections were also created in a playful way during the evening.

Spargle Christmas party

On Thursday, December 21, we had a private Spargle Christmas drink with us in the Tesselschade Church. Where we looked back with a select club of Spargelists on another successful year and toasted together!

Spargle organizes several Specials per year. We invite our network to attend. Curious who belongs to our network? The videos below give you a glimpse into the past Specials, and who attended!
“You only get pleasure in your work if you look beyond work and salary. A pleasant working atmosphere and a click with your colleagues is just as important. There is no other Connector who understands this as well as Spargle.”

SIMON KLEES, Front-end Developer