• Business Analist at WWF

Business Analist at WWF

7 September 2021 - Spargle vacancies from the network

WWF is in the 3rd year of her transformation with loads of energy, guts and dare. Eventually what its all about is impact and contributions; creating a better place for the next generation. The former WWF organisation was even more occupied with nature. Using radio and tv was an effective way to get in contact with the target audiences. Nowadays the How became more important because the domain Social Media made it more complicated. WWF had to learn how to connect with her audience again. Something they have worked very hard on this the last 3 years. The approach for this transformation was with guts and the eagerness to learn constantly. When the transformation started there was no digital department, there was only one digital person, The company/brand was campaign driven.

WWF implemented 2 big changes; 1. They tilted the Marketing Department by forming 8 Agile teams. This created shared responsibility. 2. Set up of a digital team; within this team people who can built and cooperate with the marketing department. Change of infrastructure. Therefor WWF needs people who can support both the business as well as the transformation.

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The role

We are looking for a business analist who is going to support and execute the digital transformation of WWF.

WWF is one of the biggest international organisations in the world. With 80 locations across the globe. WWF wants to keep developing itself and by being located in lots of different countries they keep on learning about their own brand. The internatinal touch is clearly visible within their processes, systems and employees. As a business analist, do you feel the drive to accelerate the digital transformation? Do you get motivated with every step the organisation makes? And are you someone who gets a kick out of sharing your expertise internally and also someone who loves to make connections? Do you have the energy to push WWF into the next phase?









Do you feel the spark?

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