• Business Product Analyst

Business Product Analyst

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Do you like to work closely with users, and are you good at finding out needs and pain points? Do you like to inspire the organization with possibilities for new products? Then read on quickly!

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About you

A Business Product Analyst (BPA) supports the product team in achieving the maximum value potential of the product by ensuring the product is built according to the right requirements, driving user adoption and realizing business process change. You are responsible for analyzing product impact in order to make this measurable.

As a BPA, you effect business process change by imagining what the future business process should look like after the product is implemented. You replicate this process design by collaborating closely with (key) users. You can uncover and understand user requirements like no other. This is how you find out how important they are for users to adopt the tool effectively. You then use this information to support the Product Owner in determining the relative importance of features from a user perspective.

When a tool has already been implemented, the BPA uncovers points of user dissatisfaction and mitigates these. This can either be done by translating the underlying user requirements to new product features to be developed, or by working with the users to solve their issues in other ways.

Your skills

  • You understand and are able to document the current business process.
  • You are capable of identifying problems and inefficiencies in the current business process that could be solved with a new product or new features.
  • You design suggestions for the new to-be business process and how it would work together with the product being developed.
  • You can map out, specify and prioritize the user requirements.
  • You analyse the business impact generated by the product according to the KPI(s) and other business metrics as predetermined in the product business case.







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