• English Speaking Spargle Talent Community Lead

English Speaking Spargle Talent Community Lead

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As Talent Community Lead you are the warm contact between our relations and our network of professionals. You know what is important to people because you genuinely get to know them and can inspire and motivate them at the right moment. Your pleasure in getting to know people enables you to expand our network of professionals. You are driven to continuously optimize the relationship and contact with our (international) network (both personal and process-related).

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What do we expect from you?

You are driven to continuously optimize the relationship and contact with our (international) network (both personally and process-wise). You have a broad interest and knowledge of HR, vitality, diversity, and inclusion and ensure that Spargle is at the forefront of developments in the field of work, new roles, and disciplines. You are a sparring partner for the Commercial Team. You switch smoothly between adhoc work and longer-term projects.

You provide an optimally transparent network of professionals. Thanks to your overview, insight, and contacts, the Commercial Team can move quickly when an interesting role becomes available. You ensure that our network feels a lasting connection with Spargle because they are seen and heard. You organize events where the network can develop as a community. Both individually and in groups you help the professionals to grow in knowledge and skills. You work on sustainable employability, and in doing so you guarantee the relevance of Spargle for our (potential) clients in the longer term. This position is a mix of consultancy (50%), policy (25%), and operational work (25%).


Spargle Manifesto

Spargle Manifesto
Spargle distinguishes itself by investing in people by really understanding who someone is and what drives them. For our clients, we build teams that deliver on strategic objectives.

In everything you do, you do it the Spargle way, with the manifesto in your heart and insight and knowledge in your head. Both externally and within the team (verbally and on paper) you are a carrier of the Spargle core values; openness, respect, and transparency. You act as an example to the Spargle team.

You possess the following characteristics:

  • Curious
  • Positive-critical
  • Accurate
  • You always think in terms of opportunities
  • You have self-reflection
  • You know how to make (business) contacts easily and can express yourself well.





Do you feel the spark?

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