Interim Professional

I help organizations to strengthen their customer relations. By first taking a look at customer behaviour. By gaining insights. And creating value. I also focus on the implementation of contact strategies. The ultimate goal is to work on and improve a sustainable customer dialogue.

I get energized when something new has to happen inside an organization in order to get customers moving and achieve visible, measurable results.




I worked in a brand new financial company on customer activation and customer experience. Using successful pilot projects and tests we laid a basis for an optimized customer experience and interaction, via web, email, sms, direct mail and customer service, amongst others.


Spargle is bursting with energy. The atmosphere is extremely friendly. Spargle is its people, including the clients. We are all professionals. Spargle feels trusted, pragmatic. We work fast and to the point.

“The aim of a company is not to make money.
The aim is to help customers and, in so doing, to make money”

FRANS, interim professional