Growth for Paula's Choice

With the right attention, everything grows!

The background

A letter from an entrepreneurial Dutch customer to the founder of American skincare brand, Paula’s Choice, led to the establishment of Paula’s Choice Europe, and the distribution of these unique products in all 28 EU countries.

The challenge

Once successfully established in Europe, Paula’s Choice needed reinforcement for its team of professional, ambitious and motivated colleagues, particularly in e-commerce, where there were important growth opportunities. This is where the Spargle expertise came in!

The solution

Spargle came on board and quickly sourced three digital professionals with the required experience in e-commerce, digital strategy and online marketing, on a fixed or interim basis. People with the know-how and mentality needed for a fast growing business, who would work together to develop this fantastic product in Europe.

The result

Spargle and Paula’s Choice have developed a strong and thriving collaboration which now extends beyond national boundaries. Both now, and in the future, we continue to keep our eyes peeled for fresh talent poised for an ambitious step like this one!

Getting the job done!