Spargle Associate

The online world holds few secrets for me. I oversee projects and programs in business, marketing, communication and technology. My aim is to make organizations and companies successful. I come into my own on projects that are about renewal or transformation.

I am clear and decisive, can build a business case from an idea, a concrete project from a strategy, including the implementation. I have high expectations of myself and others, always with a large amount of freedom thrown in. You have to be able to do things your own way. If needed, I take the bull by the horns and I don’t rest until all goals are achieved.

Currently, I am working on improving crucial customer processes for a national service provider. That requires not only changes within the website, but also to the underlying systems and the employees. I don’t believe in top-down change implementation. That’s not the way to get the best out of people. I listen to their ideas. They shape the process.

This program fits in with my other area of expertise: mediation. Listening well, asking questions to guide people through their story. Through clarification and distance/objectivity, people often find the solutions themselves. I want to let others blossom.


At Spargle there is room to be different. Our network is built on authentic, autonomous people. We understand each other. If I enlist someone from the Spargle network, I know that that person is good. We organize networking sessions, where we make new contacts who we in turn bring along to our clients!

“Creating something good together, that’s what it’s all about!”

JORIS, Spargle associate