Empowering people and organizations. That’s what drives me. Getting to the core of what they want. What they need. That’s why I call myself a connector. Connecting never stops. Connecting is not just filling a vacancy. My work doesn’t stop once I’ve placed someone. It goes beyond that. With me on board you have a professional thinking with you, alongside you. I dive straight into the DNA of a company. I join in meetings, getting a feel for the company, getting to know the people.


I look further, deeper, and more critically at the underlying needs of an organization. I want to understand the DNA. I tease out the real questions behind the job description. What’s the current climate? What are the key issues? What knowledge and expertise is needed? With answers to these questions, I go in search of potential candidates. New thinkers who I know will generate success. People with the right expertise and mindset to innovate and mobilise a team. And sometimes, when I know it’s right, I advise my clients to take a different route.


Spargle Lights the Match!

We’re constantly striving for the perfect match, one that will bring growth and development. Originality and authenticity are for us essential indicators when entering into a new connection. Curious about connections we have already made?

A CV doesn’t tell me enough. I need to know more. Who is the person behind this piece of paper? What drives him or her? Authenticity. Passion. The inner drive that makes the difference. That’s what I’m looking for. I want to know what keeps people awake at night, what their dreams are. What lights the sparkle in their eyes. That sparkle. It says so much about a person. And it’s what drives me in my mission as connector. When I really know my people, I can create the perfect match between them and organizations. By using my heart alongside my vision, strength and expertise, I know I can make a really strong match. Personally, as well as professionally.


My approach is powerful. And it works. Over the past 17 years I’ve connected clients such as Heineken, Jumbo, Knab and NLziet with highly motivated digital professionals. Sparkling connections which have led to the growth of both individuals and organizations. Giving attention to people and organizations, knowing what truly suits them, staying in touch, long after the match has been made.

That’s connecting. That’s me. That’s Spargle.

It’s all about connection

Spargle is a large, personal network of professionals with a digital heart. Is that your DNA too? Get in touch.

“Letting organizations grow by bringing them into contact with people who are doing what they believe in. That’s what I do.”

NICOLE VAN THOOR, Managing Partner at Spargle