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A passion for people, a passion for development. Nicole and Patricia share the same DNA; they love the digital world and its people. Young, energetic, talented people that Patricia gladly helps with their personal development.

A dyed in the wool digital pro, she has been in the business for years. Patries often hears that she is a sincere listener and that she can put into words what she, and others, think and feel like no one else. At times that is confronting, but it is always respectful. She reflects your questions through her management experience and combines this with her coaching knowledge. This makes her a critical, but sincere guide on your personal journey. Her approach fits perfectly with what Spargle stands for; getting the best out of people and letting them sparkle.


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“Patricia knows how to get you talking. She often made me think, guided me towards a different route to the one I had in mind, and was sincere, professional and committed in everything she did. In the space of 12 months with me and my team, she brought so much in the area of leadership, coaching and team development.”

HERMAN, manager