Team building with DeliXL

Recipe for success

The background

DeliXL and Spargle have worked together from day one. Anouk from DeliXl explains why: “I asked Spargle to help us find five experienced professionals to expand my team. I prefer to ask a network to do this, people who are ‘on the ground’, rather than a bureau”.

The challenge

“I asked Spargle not to come to me with hundreds of CVs, but to bring me a couple of pearls: people who would be a perfect match in terms of both personality and skill set”.


The solution

“Spargle really got to know the DNA of our company and team and went in search of ideal candidates, focusing particularly on sustainable growth. Thanks to Spargle, from only three candidates, we found the perfect match for the two most difficult positions. The intensive Spargle effort paid off, and I had no doubt that it would!”

The result

“Four of the five candidates came from the Spargle network, and the fifth candidate we found ourselves. Finding online specialists is extremely difficult and it is even more difficult to retain them. With this approach, however, which stems from our own DNA, we are confident we can build a sustainable team!”

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