Top Players for Nike

Just do it digital


Nike needs to stay ahead of the game, online and offline. Big e-commerce projects need a team of top interim digital experts, assembled at speed.


The search was on for “the one and only” international digital project manager to head up an end to end e-commerce project in Russia. Spargle found the perfect match from the wide network of professionals that we keep in touch with regularlyAfter that, Nike needed a social media platform enablement manager, EMEA based. Again, Spargle found the right person in no time.



Spargle has delivered top international people to Nike at top speed. Nike values the speed, the broad Spargle network and our e-commerce expertise. But mostly, Nike values our ability to find people who are the perfect match for their existing teams.



Spargle has taken on the role of meeting Nike’s highly specific profile needs, providing top team players at each turn.

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