Connecting People

Spargle Connect

We realize ambitions by focusing on making the right match. By linking our professional knowledge with our network we can deliver professionals with a proven track record in the worlds of e-commerce and digital marketing. We know these individuals not only in terms of their proven professional expertise. We know what lies behind that extra Sparkle in their eyes.

By seeking out the perfect match, Spargle helps people and organizations grow.

Long term connections. That’s what we are about, and we hope you are too. Whether you are looking for a permanent position, an interim assignment, or even a short project.

Networking is central to our philosophy. We invest in the people in our circle. We stay up to date with the qualities and drive of other professionals. We get to know the people around us. We remain curious. We all need inspiration in order to grow. Inspiration from within your area of expertise. At Spargle we create a lot of space for this. Inspiration and knowledge-sharing is what we are all about.


Networking can also go deeper. At Spargle we get to the essence of an organization. We get to know our people inside out, both our clients and our network. It’s not unusual to find us spending a day with our clients, finding out what makes them tick. And for our clients, just like for our network, we are always available. The 9 to 5 mentality is not for us. In this way we can make full use of our network and create the best connections.

“In my experience, Spargle looks beyond the job description and focuses on talents and passions. Spargle is all about making connections. Through them, I was put in touch with a company where I could spend a few days as community manager. It was a fantastic chance to see if my knowledge and interests were suitable for this type of position, while at the same time gathering up to date knowledge about social media and community management in a friendly, professional environment.”

WENDY KLAASSE, Community Manager