Spargle LAB

The Future is Digital

Your enthusiasm as a young talent brings huge added value to established organizations. Your fresh vision can inject bundles of new energy into existing structures. “THE FUTURE IS DIGITAL!” With that idea at the back of our minds, Spargle has set up an exclusive network of talented young professionals who are keen to master all they can in the digital world, to challenge themselves personally and professionally. Our ‘in-house’ days and training sessions at Spargle LAB are inspired by the drive and curiosity of our professional network..

Spargle LAB is a hub for a lot of events. We run ‘In-house’ days and training sessions and each month we have a new online marketing topic. Through Spargle LAB we guarantee the quality of commitment from our trainees. Young Professionals bring enthusiasm, original insights and new opportunities to an organization. In addition, a Spargle trainee receives year round support and inspiration via a personal coach.

The power of renewal

Spargle LAB focuses primarily on personal development. How do you deal with big challenges and disappointments? How do you channel your own powers of renewal to slot into an organization? In short, we will ensure that you sparkle, totally the way you are.

Are you curious what sort of company would really suit you and where you have the best chances of success? Then come to Spargle LAB! An exclusive network of marketing talents who believe in the digital future.


Start your career in leaps and bounds. Build up experience and learn about yourself. That’s what Spargle LAB means to a Young Talent. Clients reap the benefits of their investment in young professionals. Interested? Contact Us!

“At Spargle, you can discover, orient and develop yourself to become totally market proof!”

LEONORE KAHWAGI, Junior Spargle Professional