Spargle finds and connects.

Spargle has been a thought leader in the field of digital leadership for the past 10 years. We offer different services in executive search, interim solutions and designing digital teams. In this, we work for organisations in different phases of their digital transformation and we work for ‘digital natives’ where growth is a key point of focus (start-ups, scale-ups and grown ups). 

Within the digital domain we work on commercial as well as technical senior and executive positions, and we also assist in digital supervisory board searches.

We are Spargle

Satisfied clients

Our clients are the business leaders of today. From  Google, Nike, KLM, Heineken, Friesland Campina to tech scale ups . From business to consumer and business to business, they are driven by a desire to innovate and the courage and conviction to follow through. At Spargle,we connect individuals to complete teams on digital, business and IT positions. 

Getting the job done

We realize ambitions by focusing on making the right match. By linking our professional knowledge with our network we can deliver professionals with a proven track record in the worlds of e-commerce and digital marketing. We know these individuals not only in terms of their proven professional expertise. We know what lies behind that extra Sparkle in their eyes.

Spargle coaching

We believe in growth and development. We believe in knowledge, experience and professionalism. Above all, we believe in personal development. We believe that when you know yourself, with all your limitations, all your personal pitfalls, that’s when your unique talents can really begin to shine.


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Long term connections. That’s what we are about.