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Everyone is unique. Every match we make at Spargle is unique too. We connect people with organizations. Not just candidates with clients. We look beyond the surface. Who is the person behind that fresh new face? And what does that department really feel like to work in? These are the stories we are looking for.

Spargle Coaching

We believe in development and growth. We believe in knowledge, experience and professionalism. But most of all, we believe in developing yourself. Our coaches can guide and direct you through this process.



Spargle LAB

“THE FUTURE IS DIGITAL!” With that idea in mind, Spargle has set up an exclusive network of talented young professionals who are keen to master all they can in the digital world, to challenge themselves personally and professionally. Our ‘in-house’ days and training sessions at Spargle LAB are inspired by the drive and curiosity of our professional network.

“I got a lot of benefit from my meeting with Nicole. What an eye opener it was for me! It makes total sense: “Follow your heart, do what you are passionate about. Even if you fall on your face, at least you will know that you tried”. It was fantastic the way Nicole could ‘read’ me by asking the right questions, giving me so much more insight into myself. I got a lot out of it and am going to get straight to work with the tips she gave me. To be continued!”