About Us

Spargle. Works. Differently.

We are a large, personal network of professionals with a digital heart. A close-knit group of freelancers and clients. We know each other. We keep each other on our toes. We complement each other’s expertise. We inquire, coach, inspire. Together with our clients we create new opportunities and realize ambitions, across project management, design, marketing, e-commerce, SEM, copywriting and development.

Our world is changing. We need people to lead that change. Professionals who can drive organizations with their skills, knowledge and experience. In today’s ever-changing online world, Spargle provides a network of powerful accelerators. New thinkers who break through and disrupt old conventions, making room for change, renewal and growth.


Spargle means sparkling, young and fresh. It symbolizes collaboration, knowledge-sharing and dynamism. It expresses growth. Our people are innovative, inventive and unique. We are young, fresh and constantly in bloom. That’s how we build our strong reputation!

Our core team

A small, independent core team is in charge of the daily running of our network. Their flexibility is second to none. And they are always available. Their passion and energy play a vital role in the thriving connections we create.










Piet Hein

Piet Hein


Helping people and organizations grow

It’s all about people. In the digital world too. That’s why we believe in collaboration. Knowledge and experience only gets you part of the way. We need to understand each other, to speak the same language. Spargle begins at the beginning, with the DNA of organizations and individuals. The DNA that determines your strength and who you are. The DNA that tells us where you come from and where you’re going.


We form our teams on this basis. Teams of engaged, hardworking, result-oriented, original thinkers and doers. Disruptive innovators who challenge the status quo. People whose constant focus is innovation, renewal and growth.

“During the reorganization of my department I saw Spargle really as a sparring partner who would ultimately help me set up my team as well as possible, and ensure that it would function optimally as a whole. ”

MARIJN LUCHTMAN – Publisher Online Women’s Titles, Sanoma