Our dot on the horizon

We live in a world of constant change. Our business world is changing too. At Spargle, we believe that an extraordinary transition is taking place. A transition that brings new meaning to the idea of collaboration. Beyond borders, beyond “each man for himself”. Towards synergy, sharing and giving, towards meaning. Spargle is part of this transition, guiding organizations through each digital transformation.

The digital transition is different for each organization. Our clients may find themselves at the start of it, or right in the middle. Whichever stage they are at, we guide people and organizations through the process, asking the right questions, finding the right people. We believe in sharing knowledge and experience. We believe in growth and creating meaning. We believe in networking beyond borders.

Our core values:

* Personal

* Committed

* Independent

* Energetic

* Reciprocal

It’s all about people. The digital world too. That’s why we believe in collaboration. Knowledge and experience only gets you part of the way. We need to understand each other, to speak the same language. Spargle begins at the beginning, with the DNA of organizations and individuals. The DNA that determines your strength and who you are. The DNA that tells us where you come from and where you’re going.

Stay close to yourself and your own strengths. It’s the best approach. No wonder organizations function best when they build on their roots. Because that’s where the power is – in the roots. At Spargle we nurture growth by matching individuals with the right organizations. By learning from each other we strengthen our network. One to one, one to many and many to many.

Let’s connect!

“Sometimes there are intrinsic needs within an organization or a team, unnamed or unknown, which are essential in order to enter the next phase. Through a personal and energetic approach, Spargle is able to recognize and address this need and provide the necessary knowledge and candidates from its network. In this way, Spargle makes a difference.”

Manager Digital Consultants, Heineken International