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Albert Heijn

Here’s what we did for Albert Heijn


The scrum way of working has been fully adopted within all online projects at Albert Heijn. The department Marketing, Communication & Formats was eager to find out whether the scrum methodology would be suitable for Marketing projects as well.


Albert Heijn installed several workgroups consisting of people from various marketing sections, who worked together for 4 hours per week. With the help of experienced agile coaches Spargle delivered, these teams developed into result driven and self-steering teams.


(During this pilot) We quickly discovered that the scrum methodology wasn’t suitable for marketing projects. Therefore, the Spargle coaches introduced an agile method which placed the Albert Heijn customer in the centre using the Value Proposition Canvas. This agile method resulted in a better balance between customer needs, business targets, and product requirements.


The workgroups discovered the agile way of working and shaped it to their specific needs. Thanks to the agile decision diagrams, the workgroups learned which issues are best suitable within specific working methods. The work of the coaches was consolidated into a toolbox the marketing teams can deploy on a day-to-day basis. This box contains how-to’s, exercises, and working methods.

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