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Here’s what we did for Gemeente Amsterdam


Data is hot. Not only now but also already in 2015. Gemeente Amsterdam was on the look for data throughout their entire organisation. More and more questions asking for information were dropped on the desks of the departments Basic Information, Investigation, Information and Statistics. A lot of these questions could not be answered with the standard data collection and delivery methods. Gemeente Amsterdam was fully aware of the possibilties of (Big) Data, there were already initiatives within the city on collecting data but all of them were to fragmentary and isolated.


How do you guarantee quality and how can you use and re-use the information and data sets in a smart manner for civil servants, chain partners but in the future also for the citizens? Over the last years Spargle delivered a Vibe Manager, program manager, Agile coaches, UX designers, and developers to help solving this issue.


We started with a technical solution: the Data Point. Agile way of working was introduced by our team. They made sure the project was executed in chunks. The first delivery was Atlas; an application which visualizes data on different layers of maps. This made the work for the civil servants much easier. The next one was MyAmsterdam; within this delivery we helped the Service Department to improve their digital customer service by an agile way of working. This project was developed in different components and in an iterative way. Last but not least, all was tested in our own UX-lab. Finally we developed the DataLab; a physical workplace focussed on working on the digital transformation.


Nowadays the DataPoint is the junction where data is being shaped, combined and enriched. My Amsterdam is live but more important our spargelists have set an agile movement in motion and therefore helpt to put Amsterdam in the European data map!

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