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Here’s what we did for Heineken


Spargle has been a permanent partner of Heineken International Global Webcentre since 2012, supplying both permanent and temporary staff. In order to increase its strength and expand its knowledge base Heineken would like to have more gems on board on a permanent basis.


Heineken needs a strong team in place that is resilient and ready for the ever changing market. They need to cover all areas of expertise, from strategists to project managers, from e-commerce specialists to program managers, from UX specialists to technical architects.


To fulfil this need, Spargle is on the lookout on a continuous basis for the best project managers, and the best technical and functional consultants to hook up with Heineken’s Webcentre. In this way we ensure the quality, continuity and innovative knowledge of the team. Because we know the team so well, Heineken can be sure we will always find the right match!


Over the past three years, Spargle has found the perfect match for Heineken time and again and within a superfast timeframe!

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