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Here’s what we did for Jaarbeurs


The ambition of the Jaarbeurs is to become and stay THE leading international event and congress organisation. Together we are working on a sustainable and very powerful Jaarbeurs. With an intense focus on customers, focussed on creating special encounters which are valuable for our society and (international) economy. We have the ambition to ensure that the Jaarbeurs becomes the ultimate meeting space in Europ. This asks for a translation to a development of our venue with a guts.


The question of the Jaarbeurs: ‘How can we make sure we have an efficient (paid) occupation of our venue The Jaarbeurs during the summer season?” Our starting point is always an intens focus on customers after our first investigation.


Spargle can support Jaarbeurs by applying renewal via its network, our experience and the power of the digital world to realize a transformation in innovative business concepts. Connect the digital world with the physical world from digital innovation and transformation. We develop new, validated and viable business concepts using the Agile methodology. We developed a minimum of three business concepts during a month, and started with a small, specialized innovation team with; a partnership manager, a conceptual strategist and a growth hacker. After that we started to explore the current model: space. visitor and exhibitor. Together we started the options for space and started to look at; experience, revenue model, network, product/functionality, service, channel, brand.


After that we could validate business models as ‘start-up’and we made them viable. The team was dynamic and was , due to the need of specific expertise, expanded. We used the agile way of working and presented the outcome every two weeks at the client. After the delivery of the concepts the Jaarbeurs integrated and realized them.

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