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Here’s what we did for Knab


In 2012, three entrepreneurs joined together in a single mission to found a bank that was fundamentally different. Spargle was involved from the very beginning in the creation of that bank, the now indispensable Knab. At Knab, just as at Spargle, everything revolves around the people.


Knab wanted to work with the very best people in the digital world. Professionals who understood the need for transparency and accessibility in the financial world. People with both the courage and skills to make the new banking possible, and who wholly believed in the philosophy behind Knab.


Spargle developed a strategic plan and set up a flexible pool of full time and temporary personnel, including project managers, e- commerce managers, copywriters, content marketers, online marketers and, most recently, a retention marketer. This team lives and breathes the Knab ideals, breaking through all the conventions of the banking world. To this day, Knab and Spargle continue to work closely together.


At Knab you find people who know that banking can be done differently. Clients’ needs come first and bank products are adapted to meet those needs. Knab burst on the scene out of nowhere, and right beside it stood Spargle, providing a top team that is now an indispensable part of the most extraordinary start-up of recent years.

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