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Here’s what we did for Sanoma


The publishing world is under pressure. Fewer magazines are being sold, single-title content production is too expensive, and the digital world is hammering at the door. Sanoma Digital needed to reassess its digital presence. Recognizing that the focus online is no longer on the magazine itself, and is much more about the content, Sanoma needed a strong digital team to make the transition from titles to domains.


Sanoma asked Spargle for support to restructure and set up a new team. Which functions are needed? How should the organization be structured? How do you get the very best people and make sure they are in the right place?


From active recruitment to contractual negotiations, Spargle was responsible for the complete team creation. With our online expertise, our network and our knowledge of the Dutch market we became co-directors of the new department, resulting in a top online female team. A successful collaboration in our opinion, capitalizing on Sanoma’s knowledge and Spargle’s expertise.


Within three months, with the addition of 21 driven professionals, we had transformed the team, mixing young blood with existing expertise, both internally and externally.

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