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Vice is moving fast! A sign of success of course, but also a risky time for creative challengers like Vice. When going against the flow is what made you great, how do you keep this up while growing a stable organization?


How do you keep the wild energy of youth and establish a company at the same time? How do you find senior people who don’t just toe the line? How do you keep your team happy while still cultivating plenty of fresh talent? In order to find and connect the very best digital people, Vice chose Spargle.


From finding and recruiting truly the right people, to pinning down job descriptions, to setting up the salary structure, Spargle has guided Vice every step of the way, offering a wealth and breadth of advice and expertise.


Spargle and Vice work hand in hand to source and connect the best “young at heart” professionals. We spar about everything from HR issues to organizational structure and, in addition, we coach individual employees.

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