I’ve been working as an interim manager in the area of financial transformation for the last 6 years. For me, this is not just about number crunching and my starting point is always from a broad business perspective. As a project manager or interim CFO, I support start-ups and small-to-medium-sized companies, particularly in the innovation (technology) sectors.

Currently I’m working two days a week as an interim finance manager on a collaborative project between various media partners. My main concerns are the financing, the coordination between each partner’s financial representatives, traditional finance areas like F&A and P&C, risk and control, and most of all business management support: enabling business and acting as a critical sparring partner.



We are a fresh young dynamic club with a strong focus and network in the media. At Spargle we look at the person behind the professional. We look at whether someone will fit into the new setting, temporary or permanent. That’s what we’re good at and that’s our strength. And then we don’t just move on to the next job, but we keep in touch to monitor how things are working out. What we do is nothing short of what you’d expect from your network partner!

“At Spargle we look at the person behind the professional”

EDO, Project Manager / Interim CFO