Project coordinator / Community Manager

A digital communications tiger. Websites, social media; I’m someone who gets things done. At Spargle I am not only Project Coordinator. Nor just Community Manager. At Spargle you are more than your job title.

Organizing, planning, that is what I’m all about. My strength is in my ability to switch focus quickly, so I never lose sight of our goal: making the right connections.



I have hugely diverse interests, from online marketing to offline communication, from modern art to ancient local expressions. I love to see young people shine, and love listening to older people’s stories. Because I am curious about people, and because I have a flexible, committed and hands-on personality.

“Talent is the key, energy is the motor, hard work is the way. Humor is the set of safety wheels you can fall back on.”

ELINE DE JONG, Project coordinator / Community Manager