I call myself a ‘creative onliner’ as I have such a broad range of skills. I like to work in new environments, with inspiring people around me. Creativity gives me energy. I enjoy being involved in strategic and conceptual developments within organizations.

Currently I’m involved in an online initiative within the broadcasting industry. It’s extraordinary to work for a start-up with major players on board. We have a super team and the work is so varied, which is really inspiring!

Social media strategy, social care strategy, communication strategy and hitting the right tone of voice. That’s what I do. As well as that, I take care of the newsletter format and web copy.

I’m proud of the fact that I can deliver a complete package. Basically everything that goes out the door is based on my creative ideas. It’s really great to be able to make this sort of contribution!


The Spargle network is all about collaboration. We think and plan together and keep each other up to date with our projects. We regularly drop by just to see how things are going and bounce ideas off each other. The Spargle feeling is a real feeling. You can almost touch it!

“The Spargle feeling is a real feeling. You can almost touch it!”