Spargle Coaching

Strengthening your authenticity and professionalism

We believe in growth and development. We believe in knowledge, experience and professionalism. Above all, we believe in personal development. We believe that when you know yourself, with all your limitations, all your personal pitfalls, that’s when your unique talents can really begin to shine. And this means you will work more effectively for your organization. A good coach helps you in this process, stands side by side with you, even walks some of the way with you. They can pose those critical questions, and lead you to new realizations. They can be honest with you like no one else can, and help you through the difficult issues. A good coach will bring out the best in you, will let you grow.

We get results. From the outset we take the time to get to know you and define your specific needs. What are you coming up against in your daily working life? And is that really a limitation? In a number of sessions we focus in-depth on these issues. We highlight where they come from, and focus on how you can change your behavior to become more effective. So that, obstacles removed, you can tap into your own unique talents and shine like never before.

Patricia Hoekstra, founder of Spargle coaching, has years of coaching experience in the corporate world. An interim for years herself, she specializes in Interim coaching, personal development and organizational growth. Her personal, result-oriented approach helps people to move forward and get back in the saddle.

Organizational development

When people grow, organizations grow too. Sometimes switching one individual has an effect on the entire team. At Spargle Coaching we know the secrets of team-building and understand why change can be so difficult. We understand where that resistance comes from. Why so many transformation programs, which look so great on paper, just don’t work in practice. We know how to get teams moving, how to stimulate desired behavior and how to get the best out of team members. Spargle has many solutions for this. It may be a short, sharp approach, or it may be more extended. But it will always be result-oriented, with the emphasis on positive change.

I would like more information about coaching

“Your coaching helped me to be an authentic and inspiring leader. By working with me at an existential level through old anxieties and hurdles, I rediscovered my ability to connect with others on an emotional level. As a result I am more relaxed and ‘real’ in my work, and better able, using my own inner commitment, to help my team leaders through their own development.”

JOHANNA, Executive Leader